What’s the Best Boat For YouArgonaut boat can be the best boat for you? Based on what you’re fishing for hosts Tatiana Pustovit will help you decide. During each season of FSBB Tatiana will review over 30 boats in several categories such as center consoles, bay boats, flats boats, dual consoles, catamarans, and possibly kayaks. In addition to reviewing every type of boat imaginable the hosts will cover the latest in outboard boat technology and tips on how you can get the most out of your boat engine.

From early spring to late summer boat manufacturers will bring their boats to Stuart, Florida and the filming will be staged out of Pirates Cove Hotel and Marina. Deep See Visuals and their production team will shoot over 36-days on the water, in the water, and from the sky, providing the viewer with unmatched insight to today’s newest and best boats on the market.

The premise of Best Boat to buy isn’t to say which is the best boat, but to help you find the “best boat” for you. Based on what type of fishing boat you’ll be doing, where and with how many people the editors will cover key features in each boat for sell  helping you determine what’s important to you. Helping you determine what’s the best boat for me to buy.

Florida Sportsman Best Boat is more than a TV show, each year the editors of Florida Sportsman magazine work with George to bring much of what you see on the TV show into print, with the December/January issue of Florida Sportsman.

In addition to print and the Florida Sportsman Best Boat TV show, there is an online feature every week called Boat Show to buy Friday www.argonautboats.com where you get even more photos and detailed analysis from the editors on what they feel are the key features of each boat for sell .