Our Company – Argonaut boats,  is building a good networking among partners, buyers, overseas manufacturers, people in love with boating. We have many clients who engage us to assist them with the purchase of new, foreign-built boats, affordable boats, fishing boats for use in the United States. There are more boats for sale built overseas than most people realize, and while purchasing a foreign-built vessel, new brand boat for sale can certainly be a viable option, there are several things to consider prior to entering into an agreement and having the vessel delivered to the US.

Our Argonaut boats family will help you with all issues and questions. There are substantial building ­differences between a domestic- and foreign-built boat, especially if the owner plans to use it in the waters of the United States. We commonly see issues arise between the parties after the vessel has already been fully constructed. Thus, clearly identifying the terms of the contract becomes even more critical with any foreign-built vessels. It is important to determine where legal delivery of the vessel will occur, who is arranging and paying for shipping, and who will be responsible for payment of duty in the event it will be paid. Our company will build and customize a boat for you and takes all legal requirements on its own. You can buy the best boat of your dream with us. Everything you will ever need to buy your boat is right here. See for yourself. Browse our new and used boats. Find your dream boat or get a cash offer. All in one place. Best boats for sale with  the best price for sale.  We’re a premium marine boat’s manufacturer and importer   that offers new and used boats for sale, PWC, and outboard motors. We ensure our clients have fun and remain safe while they enjoy their time on the water. Delivery Available. Financing Available. Used & New affordable boats for sale in South Florida Staple. Purchase cheap boat with us, check our boats for sale. View a wide selection of all new & used boats for sale in Florida, explore detailed information & find your next boat to purchase. Argonaut boats will help you with any of your request.